way truth life pt1

I love my wife, I really do.  We have two beautiful children together; we are going on our fifth year of marriage.  I feel like she is the only one in the world who can look inside my brain and know what I am thinking on the deepest levels.  We have a deep bond of love and while I can convince you of this all day, I can’t prove it imperially.  Try to imagine how awkward it would be if while I was marrying a couple in front of everyone, I tried to ask them to prove their love to each other.

For the past four hundred years the western world has been fixated on proving everything.  We use the scientific method.  In the pursuit of proving everything we have really made some amazing discoveries.  Just the fact that we know that we drink one part hydrogen and two parts oxygen is huge.  In tenth grade science class we separated these elements and to me, that was proof that I was drinking hydrogen and oxygen.  The scientific method has worked so well that we have taken this method public.

I can convince you of a lot and yet I can prove very little.  I can convince you that the sky is blue, because it is, just look up.  That is unless you are sitting on Kaanapali beach in Maui at six pm.    You would be able to make a very convincing argument that the sky is orange.

The scientific method works well for science, and so many things can be tested using this method. The problem is that the scientific method has created a culture that if something cannot be proved, it must not be truth and if it can’t be proved by this method, then it isn’t trustworthy.    But I love my wife and all I can do is convince you of this and the scientific method wont work on this.


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