the dude abides

The last of the formal I AM statements that Jesus makes is that He is the true vine.  He talks about his father being the gardener and his disciples being the branches.  It made me think what is a disciple?  In its simplest form a disciple is someone who is connected to the vine, someone who has access to the life of another and follows the teaching of that person.  I love the King James Version of this text.  Jesus says, “abide in me and I will abide in you.” I think I am just a fan of the word “abide.”  How do you abide (remain) in a person when they have been dead for 2000 years?

Maybe this is why we pray in the name of Jesus.  Maybe when we take a Sabbath rest it is simply to bask in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Maybe abiding means, remaining connected to the vine so we don’t whither and die.  Maybe abiding is taking advantage of and ancient text that still is as relevant today as the day it was written.

There are a ton of books out there on being a better disciple, becoming a disciple, or changing your life in some way.  But it starts with abiding, or remaining in Christ.  It starts with proximity and simple nearness.  It starts with listening to God.  It starts in the simplest way.  The true mark of a disciple is that they are with their teacher.  Another way to use the term abide is to say, “to live on.” So if you abide with Jesus now, how much will he live on in you later?


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