simple obedience

I am reading a book right now called, “Covenant and Kingdom, the DNA of the Bible.”  The author goes through the Bible and demonstrates how the two themes, Covenant & Kingdom are the two consistent ideas that go from Genesis to Revelation.  The author, Mike Breen laid out the relationship between David and Saul and he said this about their leadership styles,

“But Saul had not learned.  God is not looking for a clever king, just one whose heart was surrendered to the Lord.  Saul had tried to take his own approach to kingship rather than the path of simple obedience.” 

How much time do church leaders give to gimmick?  How much time do we give to events that will, “bring people in”? How much of our lives are surrendered in obedience?  Some lead from their title and authority.  Some lead by their physical stature, Saul was noted to be the tallest Israelite.  I think the most powerful leaders I have served with have lead from a conviction that comes from their obedience to God.  We have all had someone in our lives who have led from sincere conviction.  They lead from their passion and not their gifting.  They lead from their heart rather than their stature.  When people lead this way they are hard not to follow.

I have two questions for church leaders.

1.  Are you leading from a simple obedience to the Lord?

2. Do you lead out of conviction and calling or power and authority?



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  • Aaron Cloud


    Great thoughts, i will continue to reflect on the two questions you asked at the end!

    Two things that came to mind while reading this was a thought from Eugene Peterson who mentions that ministry is a “long obedience in the same direction.” which brings to mind the same idea of simple obedience to God for the long haul. A second thought i had was in John 21:21,22 where Peter asks Jesus about John’s life and future and Jesus responds by saying: “If i want him to remain alive until i return what is that to you? you must follow me.” i find, at times a tendency to compare myself with others saying to myself something like, “why must i struggle in leading in my circumstance when that pastor over there seems to be experiencing abundant fruit in their ministry.” But like Jesus says to Peter i think he often says to me, “don’t worry about what i have for them, you must follow me.” This moves me from a place of leading because i desire stature, to leading because i desire Jesus and i desire others to know him as well.

    May we lead out of the simple pursuit of Jesus.

    Thanks for your thought provoking reflection!

    • reclaimbeauty

      Thanks for your response…love it! I find my self comparing ministries all the time an next time I do I will probably hear the words “what is it to you” go through my head…