For thousands of years stonemasons have been splitting rocks to build something.  If you watch what they do, you’ll notice they lightly tap on the rock until they find the one weak point, then with a chisel and one hit, the rock completely comes apart. 

I am just like that rock.  I can take the light tapping; in fact I can take some even bigger hits, but I have the tendency to completely crumble when hit in just the right spot.  When you completely crumble, your self-confidence begins to dwindle, when this happens you begin to ask what your self-confidence is even based on.  Do I draw my confidence from my own talent and accomplishments or do I get it from what Jesus has done and who He is?  Self-confidence is a crazy animal, when people lose it, there is no telling what they will do.

As much as I hate the crumbling feeling, I do appreciate the moments.  They remind me that at times I take over for God.  They remind me that I have a tendency to draw my identity from myself rather than the redeemer of the world.  In the end I think this issue of a crumbling invites me to lean into the king.  It invites me to reassess who is really in charge and what kind of leader I want to be.  Ultimately, something beautiful is built because of what was broken.

Do you guard your weak points?


Do you allow yourself to sit and wade in the waters of a complete crumble?


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