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On August 5, 2008 I was at surf camp.  I woke up earlier than all of the other students and I noticed a missed call on my phone.   There was no message just a missed call from my dad.  My grandpa had been in the hospital for a number of weeks.   I have a great relationship with my dad, but we are guys and therefore we don’t call just to shoot the breeze.  I knew something was up.  As I type the emotions are coming back.  He said, your grandfather went to be with the Lord early this morning.

I remember not crying or getting too emotional.  I had over 40 other students to worry about, I had just kicked a kid out of camp, the parents were mad at me…I had a lot on my plate.

Every time I saw my grandfather, from when I was a little kid to an adult he used to passionately tell me to change the world.  I used to think, “Okay Grandpa…whatever, I’m five.” I wasn’t super motivated to do anything.  He never said how or when.  He just told me to do it.  That sticks with me.

Sometimes I think that my job is to read, write and talk, how can I change the world?  I was reading the Bible this morning and I couldn’t get past two words that were in Matthew 28.  It’s a spot called, “The Great Commission.” The two words that Jesus says are, “all authority.”

All of it.

He says that it has been given to him and that he is using it to send us…

All authority stared a little group of people worshiping God…All authority gave permission for those people to communicate God’s story.

All authority for those people to start movements.

All authority for those people to become you and I.

All authority to change the world.

So if a person who contained all authority above heaven and earth told you to change the world, what would you do?

Maybe it’s time to take this a little more seriously…


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  • Irene

    Love your posts, Dave. Love you!