rules for a preacher circa 1888, rule 9

Be punctual.  Do everything at the exact time.  Do not mend our Rules, but keep them: not for wrath, but conscience’ sake.

The reliability of the messenger affects the credibility of the message.  When pastors do something unethical, everything they have ever said becomes suspect. How does being punctual relate to being ethical?  The answer is really in the idea of our word being our

My mind goes immediately to Jesus’ saying, “let your yes be yes and your no be no.”  That is what this rule is about, keeping your word.  Doing what you say you will do goes a long way in the pulpit.  A hundred years ago, relationships were built on verbal agreements.  If you were punctual and you kept denominational rules then it said something about your integrity.  When you begin to slip into a lifestyle in which you don’t mean what you say your words become less and less powerful.

I always try to start and end church services on the exact time for a few reasons.

1.  I can not stand to be late to anything, it drives me crazy.

2. It builds trust with people who have other things happening on a Sunday.

3. It shows professionalism

The reliability of the messenger lends to the credibility of the message.


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