rules for a preacher circa 1888, rule 10

You have nothing to do but to save souls, therefore spend and be spent in this work; and go always not only to those who want you, but those who want you most.

My week starts on Sunday.  I get in to the office at 7:15 am.  I unlock the doors, walkphoto through the bathrooms and make sure that everything is looking great.  Then I will go to my office read through the day’s message and re-look at Sunday school material.  Then we have a staff meeting at 8:45 to go through the service and pray, we do Sunday school and church and then we try to do lunch with new people.  We normally get home at around two, put the kids down and crash.   Monday is full rinse and repeat mode.  I have my regularly scheduled staff one on ones (through out the week) then I deal with things like, window repair, remodels, capital campaigns, follow up, rental contracts, sending notes, visitations, meeting with regional leaders, reading, writing, teaching, marketing, praying, dreaming and just about anything else you can think of.

So when this rule starts out, “you have nothing to do but save souls,” my first thought is, “yeah that’s because your building was new in 1888 and now I’m dealing with your old building.”  On one hand this rule is absolutely correct.  On the other, I have so much to do every week; sometimes it doesn’t all fit into the week.  However, the truth I have learned is that I need to prioritize studying and preaching and focus on the congregation.  All that other stuff I need to delegate or have minimal hands on with it.  The only redeeming part of my work is introducing and inviting people to begin a relationship with the Redeemer.

One of the things that Jesus told the religious was that it wasn’t the healthy that need a doctor but the sick.  When I read rule 10 this is the idea that goes through my head.   In 1888 the people who wanted to talk to a pastor the most were probably the sick, the dying, prisoners and people without hope?  Do we go to the people who need redemption the most or do we stay with who is safe?


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