the opposite of waldo

I have some friends that for some reason or other I run into them every week.  I run into either my friends or someone in their life.  It is the most random places too.  A coffee shop that I rarely go to, the mall, La Tolteca, Starbucks, the library.  They think I am everywhere and I think they are stalkers.  

When I think about these friends, integrity comes to mind.  I run into them literally everywhere in the most random places.  The other day I was walking out of a Starbucks and a woman stopped me and said, “Pastor Dave!”  It took a while before I recognized her but I preformed her son’s wedding.  One day I was at the bank making a deposit and the teller said, “hey, do you remember me?”  “I’m thinking who are you?” But I said, “of course you give me money.”  I was just joking around, but she said, “no, you preformed my friend’s funeral.”

All of these events are good reminders to me that when you are a pastor you are always in the public eye.  There is this thread of teaching that flows through scripture is so applicable.  The thread is that as a teacher of the Scriptures you are judged a little differently, held accountable a little more.  Being yourself is so important and it is important that “yourself” is mentally and spiritually healthy.

I think of Paul as he writes in 1 Corinthians about giving up his freedoms for the sake of unbelievers.  His argument is that in his freedom he could really do anything, but because of others who may have some weakness he abstains from things…Like eating meat that has been sacrificed to idols…a common problem these days.  Paul’s point is that as Christians we kind of stand out.  Sort of like the opposite of waldo.  I’ve seen great well intending Christians give permission to other christians through their lifestyle.

It may be a good time to think about who you are as a person, what do you believe?  What do you broadcast that you believe?  You are a lot more visible than you think.  Oddly enough, you are responsible for what other people see in you because you are the one projecting it.   Have people stumbled as a result of a way you’ve conducted yourself?


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  • Irene

    ” You are responsible for what other people see in you because you are the one projecting it.” I LOVE that! I’m going to file that one away and use it when applicable. Thanks, Dave.

    • dave

      There are the times when people are looking for an excuse to tear you down…but for the most part I find that statement to be true.

  • Lisa Kirkes

    Well said. Thanks for the reminder.