Last Sunday I preached on “dying to self.”  I did this for both services.  This is a basic biblical principle.  To quote Dallas Willard. “Being Dead to self is the condition where the mere fact that I don’t get what I want does not surprise or offend me and has no control over me.”

I asked the question, “what do you need to submit to?”  Before I preach a sermon I always try to examine myself and see what’s alive in me.  But this time I didn’t even realize something till after I was done preaching.  So here is where I struggle.  I tell you why I struggle for accountability and for transparency as a pastor.

I need to feel significant.  I believe that everyone has this need, and the need and desire for significance is not in itself wrong, but like most things, it’s how you fulfill the need that can be harmful.

I’ve seen some pastors go off the deep end with sexual misconduct.  Others I’ve seen get self involved and generally cocky.  Some have power issues.  Some pastors start blogs and meticulously track the amount of visits on google analytics…I don’t know anyone like that…

I am the kind of person who needs to be careful about where I draw significance.  I think that really dying to myself means that I feel significance because Jesus loves me rather than trying to impress.


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