an inciting incident

Inciting incidents make stories move forward.  Often times they can be they can be the beginning of some cool stories.   I just stepped into a new story in life.

About a month ago my wife ran into the bedroom and said, “WAKE UP!”  Obviously that kind of wake up call only leads to panic.  So immediately I spring up and say, “What?”  I’m thinking that the house is on fire or Emma is taking her first steps…something like that.

I would have never guessed that my wife would say, “I think I’m pregnant!”

Emma’s just 9 months old.  There is just no way.

“Why do you think you’re pregnant?”  I ask, thinking that maybe this is just a false alarm.

“I took a pregnancy test and it’s positive.”

“Oh, I guess that’s why.”

On Monday my wife and I went to the doctor and we saw a healthy little peanut with a strong heartbeat that is due to come into this world on January 23rd.

the big sister

While we were surprised by this news, we also have a sense of joy because Emma is so amazing, now we’re going to have two babies.

This is an inciting incident.  An event that is so powerful that it causes the characters to move forward. It causes life to shift.

So while this is a shift.  It is also a blessing.

What makes you move?

What makes you look at life and decide that things will be different tomorrow?


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  • Liz

    You know we love this, Dave. TWO blessed children for two blessed parents. God is good!

  • Kassidy

    How exciting Dave! Congratulations to you and Des!