character flaws

In a story one of the things that writers do is create character flaws.  These are things that that hold a character back, a fear, phobia, weakness, mannerism that adds depth and reality to the character.  If these flaws are not written in, then the perception would be that the character is perfect.  That’s not reality.

My wife ran an experiment on me for almost a month that exposed a character flaw that I have.  One day we were driving on our way to a friend’s house and my wife, while describing something that happened that day, used a word that wasn’t right.  I corrected her immediately.  When I did that, she couldn’t hold it in any more.  She began laughing uncontrollably.  Needless to say, I was confused.

She told me about the experiment that she had been running on me.  For the past month while she was talking to me she would pepper in a word that didn’t belong into the sentence, then I would correct her.  Every time she did this for a month, I corrected her.  For a while I denied that I was a pathological corrector.  But the truth of the matter is that I am.

I love that my wife exposed this in a fun and creative way.  Through this character flaw I’ve learned a ton about myself.  I’ve learned that I like to be right a lot.  I‘ve learned that I draw strength, power and confidence from being right.  I’ve also learned that I need to die to that.

What can you learn about yourself from your own character flaws?


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