knowing who you’re not

I love hanging out with leaders.  Great leaders know who they are and exactly why they are on this planet.  They also know who they are not.

I think knowing who your not is probably more important than knowing who you are.  I was in a meeting 0ne time when someone threw out an amazing idea.  I was thinking that you would have to be stupid to pass this idea up.    The person running the meeting affirmed the awesomeness of the idea but said, although that is a great idea, it is not who we are.

I wonder how life would be different if people had a clearer grasp on their identity.

It may be worth your while to make a list of who you are and who you are not.  Then try to live by those convictions.  I think your ability to make a decision will be so much more clear.

What if your family sat down and decided what they were all about?  Would that change where you went on vacation?

There is a certain confidence and power that comes from knowing who you are and who you are not.


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