have a meeting with yourself

For about an hour every week I have a meeting with myself.  I go to a coffee shop, I write down things I want to get accomplished for the week.  I set bite-sized goals for the week. Sometimes I write down stuff I want to talk about with other people about.  I decide when I am going to study for the sermon on Sunday.  Sometimes I sit and reflect on life.  Last week I read the entire book of Colossians.  It’s not too long.

The funny thing is I’ve been doing this for about four years now and just today I realized that I intentionally do this every week at around the same time.  I just called it working or getting organized.  However, I can look back on my journals and see how these meetings with myself were powerful and they helped me process some tough situations.

Yes, I have minutes for meetings with myself.  Nine Moleskine Journals full.

I am a processor.  I need to digest information.  So if you are this way too.  Have an intentional meeting with yourself.  Plan your day, week, month, or just your weekend.  Maybe you just need to reflect on your past week and give yourself permission to move forward.

I will often be asked for my opinion on a big decision.  My answer is usually, let me think about it a little and get back to you.  Sure, I will ask follow up questions.  But I am not a person who will give an immediate answer.  I usually have a meeting with myself, process and give an opinion that I can stand behind.


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  • Joe Halbert

    Great stuff Pastor Dave! Thank you!