dangerous experiences

In my experience one of the best ways to learn is through experiencing life. My dad has always been a guy who has allowed me to learn by doing. One summer I started dating a girl who was totally wrong for me.  I was only 14 years old so I guess my judgment of character wasn’t honed in.

It was obvious that this girl wasn’t right for me.  She smoked and drank and was only 14.  She dated a lot of other boys all the time, but she liked me.  And that made me feel special.

One night I went out with her I had to tell my parents what I was doing and where I was going so I did.  I said, “I’m going out with this girl and were going to the boats and we’re hanging out.” My parents just said, “Ok check in with us in an hour.”  If they had easy buttons back then I would have pushed it.   I was so excited to be hanging out with this girl.  My parents knew that this person was bad news and they didn’t even put up a fight.

So we started hanging out and the night was going well.  We’re hanging out with her friends and one of them pulls out a bunch of beer.  I was in a bind because I had to check in with my parents and I knew if I left her there she’d drink. So I ran all the way to where my parents were, checked in, and then ran all the way back. In the 30 minutes it took me to check in this girl was already sloppy drunk. I got really disappointed in myself and I did what I thought was honorable and I walked her back home. I was over her right then and there.

Since I knew it was over I told my parents exactly what happened.  They started laughing and my dad told me that they knew she was terrible for me but they had to let me experience that on my own.  They didn’t think it would happen that quickly.  They had to let me own who I was by experiencing things that I didn’t like. It must have been painful as parents to allow their kids to go through stuff like that. I’m thankful for parents who allow their kids to have dangerous experiences.

Happy Fathers Day!


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