male modeling

I was listening to a sermon this Sunday night at Ethos.  The speaker was Pastor Paul Swanson.  He said this, “Fathers, you have to model the kind of person you want your daughters to marry.”

POW! That hit me like a ton of bricks.  Emma isn’t really thinking about marriage yet, but one day she will. That means I need to treat my wife the way I want some dude to treat my daughter one day.

I want my daughter to be able to pick out the scumbags.  I want a guy to provide for her and treat her well.  I want him to adore her like I do.  I want someone who will be so excited that he married my daughter.  Moreover, I want my daughter to look for guys like that.  I want her to seek out someone who loves her like her dad loves her mom.

I need to be that kind of dad.  I need to be that kind of husband.

This one statement that Paul made started to make me re-think stuff.  How will my attitude, my response to situations, and my life show my daughter who she should marry?


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