who killed davey moore?

I was in Fishers, Indiana killing time in my hotel room when I stumbled across the court-news channel.  That day they were covering a capital punishment case.  I remember being disgusted at the crime and equally disgusted at how much people wanted this guy to die.

He had killed someone, he wasn’t a good guy.

I began to question what was alive in me.  What was alive in the hearts of people who were involved in this trial and in the hearts of America?

People wanted justice.  Justice equaled death.

But I’m not quite convinced that justice was served.  Those who were killed were not brought back.  The families didn’t feel better.  There was supposed to be closure but that is a myth.

I was left with a deep sense that somehow I was responsible for the man who died at the hands of another state so far away.  I was responsible because I kind of wanted the guy to get executed.

I began thinking of this song by Bob Dylan called, “Who Killed Davey Moore?” This song is high on the list of my favorite Dylan songs. The song exposes the responsibility of society in the death of famous boxer.  The song begs the question, “Is there somehow a corporate responsibility for murder?”  Did I have a role in the death of that murder because I wanted him to die?  Am I part of the public opinion that wanted blood?  Do I have blood on my hands because of an opinion or vote?

Think about it, when the public wants blood they gets it…We wanted Bin Laden’s head, we got Afghanistan.  When the general public wants blood that’s exactly what we get.

I wonder if the American public has shifted to much into individualism.  Maybe it was the cold war and the war against communism.  I’m not sure, but whatever it is,  individualism is not the way people operated for centuries.

To stand out would have been tantamount to shaming your community.  Communities all believed the same thing.  They took cooperate responsibility.  Now we want to know, “who’s a$$ to kick.”  Who do we hold responsible for everything? The reality is, it is us.

I’d like nothing more to get really mad and confront one guy from BP for this oil spill, on my way there I’d get my oil changed and fill my car with gas, drink from my plastic water bottle and realize that I am the guy who needs his butt kicked by the president.

In fact we all are, but that’s just one example.

So what if you were to analyze your voting record, your opinions that you’ve voiced, your blogs, and your facebook posts?  What is that all contributing to?

I wonder if war and the death penalty teach the youth of America that violence is the way to solve our problems.  Hitting back is good.   Do you proliferate the myth that violence can be redemptive?

I’m just left wondering, who killed Davey Moore?


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  • Kassidy

    OUTSTANDING! This blog was beyond thought provoking, it was convicting. This one is one of my favorites so far.