Have you ever been in an environment where people aren’t passionate about what they do?  Nothing makes me want to leave an environment more than lack of passion.  In this sense of the word I mean a deep conviction that what is said and done means something.  

Think about the people who you most enjoy being around.  What is one thing that they all possess?  It is probably an enthusiasm for life, their sincerity or their ability to really engage in conversation.  These people probably have the uncanny ability to speak into your life and say and do meaningful things with you.

Sometimes we go to a concert and we can feel the passion of the people on stage.  We sing along to every song, we shout and cheer.  We’ve all been to a sporting event where you end up throwing out the hi-five to random strangers.

The thing about passion is that you can’t bottle it.  You can’t sell it.  Passion for life needs to come from a deep love of yourself and others.  Loving yourself isn’t prideful, it’s healthy.  Being comfortable in your own skin, knowing who you are, and who you’re not are all part of loving yourself.  Pride is the corruption of a good thing.  Everyone needs to feel significance.  Pride points to yourself as the source of all significance.

If you don’t love yourself, then only you know why.  I’m not saying that it is impossible to be passionate if you don’t love yourself, I am saying that the passion you’re peddling is fake.  It is nearly impossible to really love others unless you love yourself.  If you try to love others without a love for yourself it is probably a selfish love for others, just an attempt at finding significance from the other person rather than showing them love.  Have you ever helped someone because you needed to feel good about yourself?  If we were to go deeper, love for yourself really becomes achievable in a relationship with the One who created you.

Why do we continually hang out with people, watch TV programs, go to church when there is no passion.  I feel like we should demand that of ourselves.  We need to be people who are passionate, who love ourselves and others, and draw their passion from the One who created them.

What if we only did the things that we were passionate about and forfeited the things we don’t care about?   Many of you would get fired so don’t actually do this unless your willing to lose your job.  (example: My uncle is a pilot and he is extremely passionate about flying, but what if his real passion was performing in broadway musicals and he decided to “go for it” while cruising to Hawaii at 30,000ft?  It is probably the wrong time and place to go after the dream.)

If we only did the things that we were passionate about, how would the quality of the things that we do change?  What if you decided that you would be passionate about life simply because you were wonderfully and fearfully made by a creator who intimately loves you?


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