forcing it

I have a friend who worked for a company for a number of years and he hated every minute of it.  He went to work every day and each day was literally worse than the last.  Listening to him describe how bad the environment was sounded like he was borrowing lines straight out of the movie “Office Space.”  My friend had multiple bosses with a number of different people giving him contradictory job assignments.  The situation was a mess.

One day my friend decided not to force himself to accept his reality.  He quit.  It was painful, expensive, and risky.  But his sanity and (I even think) his soul was spared.   He is now close to getting his master’s degree and pursuing his passions.

I wondered how many people go through life forcing themselves to accept a bad reality.  It is probably a lot.  My dad always told me to do something that you love because as soon as you start making money and having a family you’ll be stuck. That was some great advice.

I think as humans it is part of our condition to force things to fit into our lives that just don’t fit.  Most of us have a little voice that speaks to us inside.  We know instantly whether something is good or bad, if it fits or if it doesn’t. If you want to call it intuition, instincts, discernment or a conscience it doesn’t matter.  We just know.

Sometimes we go against our better judgment and we force something to fit that just doesn’t fit.  Maybe it’s a job, a relationship, an ideology, or theology.  It seems like the deeper we go with things that don’t fit, the more isolated we become.  The unhappier we find ourselves the more identity we tend to lose.

But what of we stopped forcing things into life that don’t fit?  Start listening to yourself.  Start making decisions based on your conscience and intuition.  I wonder if you will find that the things you were forcing in your life, the things that you, “had to do,” were really bars that lined the outside of your cage. What would your life look like if you stopped hammering away at that square peg that just doesn’t fit into that round hole?

We just celebrated the independence of our nation.  When will you celebrate yours?


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