power to change

One of the writers who I am fond of is Thomas Merton.  In the 70’s he wrote a series of essays.  In one of his essays he talks about a postage stamp that says, “pray for peace.”  I guess this was a stamp that was big in the 70’s.

Merton talks about this stamp a lot.  He says that when we as a country build nuclear bombs and call the nation to pray for peace we mock God.  He says that we mock God more effectively than an atheist.  I wonder if it is mocking God to pray for stuff that is in our power to change.    I had a friend ask me to pray for him so that he could take some time off,  I told him “no.”  The person was surprised at my response.  But I simply am not going to waste my time praying for someone to get some free time if they are going to continually pack their calendar.

What do you pray for that is in your own power to change?


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