William Tyndale has got to be one of my heroes.  Here is a guy who is gifted with languages, a biblical scholar, a priest, and a complete radical. Tyndale was alive during a period known as the reformation in the 1500’s.

He wasn’t flashy.

He didn’t want much.

Tyndale was having a conversation with some of his colleagues.  He was talking about his God who he loved.  He was telling of the perfection and the unity of this collection of books.  He was amazed, in love with God’s revelation to humanity.

In response the other priests very mockingly said that they were better off with the law of the Pope rather than the law of God.

Tyndale very famously responded that, “If God spare me, before many years I will cause a boy that driveth a plough to know more of the Scriptures than you do.”

Then he did.  He smuggled Bibles.  He translated scripture so people could read it.  He had a deep sense of what was right.  He had a mission.

He was guided by his passion, his conviction of the scriptures and his ability to sacrifice.

Sacrifice is tough.  It takes time, money energy and sometimes your ability to stay sane.  If we look at the church reformers, if you look at any of the people who have done something amazing in their life, there usually is a story of sacrifice.

Tyndale sacrificed his life so the common man can have a Bible.  We take that for granted when we get find a Gideon Association Bible in our hotel room.

If you want to do something great in your life then you have to be willing to sacrifice for it.  You must be willing to give your entire self to the dream.  Because if there is anything that history tells us, it is that the people who sacrifice make the biggest change happen.

What will you sacrifice for?  What will you give yourself too?  What is important enough to take your time, your passion and your energy?


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