the greatest story ever told

I’ve heard a ton of great stories in life.  But what is the greatest story you’ve ever heard?  I heard a story one time of a holocaust survivor who survived by hiding under other dead bodies until she could make an escape at the middle of the night.  That was a really good story.

Last night I watched “Air Bud”until midnight with my nephew.  It’s a movie that an eight-year-old boy would enjoy.

But having never seen the movie, within 10 minutes I was able to predict the future and tell my nephew everything that was going to happen in the movie.  I swear he thought I was some kind of super hero.  The point is I don’t want to watch predictable movies.  I’m not trying to pick on kids movies because most movies are super predictable.  Most stories are boring because they don’t speak to me and my life isn’t affected as a result.  But good stories are not predictable.  Good stories have twists. They end randomly.  Something happens that shocks you.  Good stories leave you thinking.

But what is a great story?  Great stories have a lot of elements as a good story but they do something deeper.  They change you as a result.  My wife and I watched “Blood Diamond” a few weeks ago.  If I ever have the money to buy my wife a bigger and better diamond, I think that movie will change the way I do it.  But that movie, even though it was a great story, didn’t change me fundamentally.  I’m not a different person because of it.The greatest story ever told brings you to a place where you can’t help but live differently as a result of hearing.  The greatest story ever-told highlights redemption.  The greatest story moves you to a place in life where you can’t help but keep telling it.


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