vicious cycles

Tamar was one of the daughter’s of David.  David was the King of Israel and he had a big public moral failure.  He saw a beautiful woman named Bathsheba bathing on her rooftop and he had to have her.  He sent his servants to bring her to his palace for a romantic evening.

Only, she was already married and her husband was off to war.

David used his authority to have sex with her.  Saying “no, I’m married,” to a king doesn’t quite work.  Today we would call this rape.

The thing is, David had seen this girl grow up.  Her husband was one of David’s protectors as he was running from another king, Saul.  David knew this family well.

Guess who got pregnant?  So David called Bathsheba’s husband home from war (so they could have sex and make it look like the husband was the real father).  When this man, who was David’s really good friend, refused to go to his wife, David knew what he had to do.  Murder was his only option.

David had just murdered his good friend and raped his wife.

Which brings us back to beautiful Tamar, the daughter of David.  David had another son named Amnon.  He was fixated with his sister.  He was in love with her but she wouldn’t give up the goods.

Amnon devised a plan.  He pretended to be sick, and then he forced himself on her, raping his own sister.

Some time later another son of David’s becomes so enraged about Amnon’s actions that he murdered him.

Vicious cycles.

The example set by generations past.

There are some great cycles; sometimes you will hear about five generations of firefighters or doctors. But other times we see the vicious cycle of teenage pregnancies, prison or alcoholism.

Either way, decisions and lifestyles are passed down through the generations.

Tonight I witnesses four teenagers make a commitment to break vicious cycles in their life.  They made a declaration that when they are fathers, they will be married and stay that way. They made a declaration that they will be involved in the lives of their kids.  They said that addiction would not be aloud into their families.  Today is the day that these four teens decided that they would be men.

We are just going to call it 7.17.10.

Today is the day that these men decided to stop vicious cycles.  They said, “It ends with me.”

If four teenagers can stand up and be men in the face of cycles of evil that have plagued their families for years, I think you can too.


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