space dust

I was listening to an interview with Brian May from the band Queen. As it turns out after Freddy Mercury died, May went back to school and got his PhD in interplanetary dust or space dust. He even wrote a book and he lectures at observatories all over the world.

The interviewer asked Brian why space dust matters. His response was simple; space dust comes to earth and contains all of the elements of human life. It is amazing to me that modern science has confirmed the Biblical narrative. (Genesis 2:7)

The fact that all human life is space dust is amazing. It highlights the interconnectedness of humanity. The biblical writer Paul had an idea that all of creation was connected. We are inseparably linked to each other. He had the idea that our actions reverberate across humanity. Our success, our happiness, is tied to the way we treat one another.

How would your life be changed if you realized that you were interconnected with all of humanity? What if your actions travel further than you ever intended?


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