sweet family time

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Every now and again I will speak at a church in Bakersfield.  A few weeks ago I had just finished speaking and I was talking to a friend. He asked what my family and I do for fun.  He specifically said, “So how is it having a daughter?  I bet you guys have some sweet family time.”

I wondered if I had made myself sound cool in the message.  My wife and I are extremely busy people.  My daughter still naps twice a day and we have another baby on the way.  If “sweet family stuff,” consists of my wife and I laying on the couch watching TV while my daughter sleeps then that’s us.

I have a great life; I wouldn’t trade any of it because I have an amazing wife and daughter.  Although, there are times that I wonder if I get to wrapped up in helping others navigate their stories that I don’t spend enough time on mine. I want my family to live a story that they are proud of.  I want my kids to live such good stories that they will never get caught up in bad ones that other people write.  I want my kids to help other kids live great stories.  In order for that to happen, my wife and I need to be really good storytellers, and we need to live a great story.  In the next 5 months my story needs to consist of finding a way to keep health insurance for my family and to make more money.

This just isn’t about having more money.  My wife and I really want her to be able to stay home with our kids and give them the best possible start to life.  We’ve only got about twenty years with them living under our roof.  We have to equip them for about 80 years of independence.  I’ve worked in youth and young adults’ ministry for over seven years.  I’ve seen what happens to students who don’t have strong parents at home.  I’ve walked with kids through suicide attempts, pregnancies, juvenile detention, and drug and alcohol addictions.  The less obvious are the kids with severe anger issues.  I guess they are living in the right reaction to their pain of an absent or neglectful parent.

I want to go to the Living a better Story Seminar in Portland OR.  Check out the website: www.donmilleris.com/conference

I want to go to this seminar for a few reasons.  One, I want to be the co-author of a compelling family story.  Every family has a story, some are dramatic, some are characterized by addiction, some are fun, and some are just bad.  I want my kids to be able to tell our family story in such a compelling way.  I want them to be glued to the story and write good ones for their family.  I want people to hear our story like someone would read a good book and can’t wait to turn each page.  Two, I help other people with their stories. Lately these stories have been becoming more traumatic. The church and culture in which I live is in need of new stories.  We need more writers and dreamers to imagine the possibilities.  I want to be a part of helping my students write their own storyline rather than following the storyline of other people.

I just want to have some sweet family time.


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