ten days of vacation

It’s been three years since my wife and I have gone on a vacation for any stretch of time more than a few days.  The last big vacation we had was our honeymoon.  This time we are hanging out in Maui with Emma and some family.  I plan on writing a ton, and not blogging very much.  I thought that I’d re-post my top five favorite posts.  There may be some time (like right now)  that I am in the hotel on daddy duty while Emma naps.  So I may throw a post out there, but for now check out my top five.

1. waving to babies

This post is inspired by a trip to the grocery store where people straight up ignored my precious little girl.  A look at the idea that we are constantly re-engineering society to not have any practical need of our neighbors.

2. enemy love

Ever wonder why God makes such a big deal out of loving your enemies?  Check this post out.

3. who killed davey moore?

Is there a corporate responsibility for murder?  Do our emotions get lived out in others actions?

4. submitting to process

A blog on the value of submitting to things that are bigger than you and why you will be better for it.

5. space dust

Do you ever feel connected to people you don’t even know?  That’s because you’re space dust and so are they.


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