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I have had a lot of time to think in the last few days.  I have done quite a bit of people watching and hanging out on the beach.  I have decided that with another daughter on the way I need to start thinking about the long term of our family.  I want my daughters to grow up believing in God, loving others and having the ability to stand on their own two feet.  So I began thinking that I should set a goal for each stage of life that my girls go through.

Stage 1: Birth to age 12
Goal: Give them a home base
Overall I want my girls to know that they are loved.  I don’t want them to go searching for love later on in life.  I want them to feel secure in the fact that their parents love them, God loves them and their family is always there for them.  I want my daughters to be able to tell us anything.  I want them to feel safe and tofeel good about themselves.  I feel like if we do this part of their lives correctly then they will always be able to come to us with anything.

Stage 2: 12-18
Goal: Intimidate teenage boys.
This is the stage in life where I take up bodybuilding and target shooting with the sole purpose of intimidation of teenage boys.  Maybe I will tattoo my area code on my face.  Hopefully, the girls will have such a strong home base that they will only go after the quality boys who share their same values.

Stage 3: 18-25
Goal: Find a way to get a lot of money, quick.
Driving, college, weddings, showers for the aforementioned weddings, laser treatments to remove tattoo on my face.  There are a lot of expenses in this stage of life.

Stage 4: 25-
Goal:  Reflect on this post and see if it is at all accurate.


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  • Irene

    With your love for God and for each other, stage one is pretty much a done deal. Stage two might require perfecting an intimidating look. Stage Three should include taking up a collection from folks living on golf courses: they pay up and you promise not to play anywhere near there homes, ha ha. Here’s a hint: buy a modest home that you can pay off before the girls reach college age then instead of a monthly mortgage you will have the funds for college:D