twelve stones

My dad has a rock in his back yard that means a lot to him.  To most people it is just a rock, but to my dad the rock symbolizes time spent with his father that was priceless.  My grandfather took my dad on a camping trip when he was a kid.  The trip was special because my dad had two other brothers and my grandpa took time out just for him.  So when I was about 11 my entire family went to this same forest in Utah, my dad brought a rock back for my grandfather.

Like I said, it was just a rock but to my grandfather it was like my dad brought him back a pot of gold.  The rock brought him back to that camping trip that they took when my dad was a kid.  I remember my grandfather taking a trip back to Michigan and he mentioned that he wanted to bring the rock with him in his luggage.  He was afraid that if he passed away, he wouldn’t be near the rock.  My grandfather passed away a few years ago and now the rock is my dad’s.  It symbolizes that relationship with his father.

There is this cool story in the Bible about a group of people who crossed a river.  The crossing of the river symbolized the people’s deliverance from the dessert.  It symbolized a new life in a land that they could flourish in.  God wanted his people to remember this moment so He told them to pick up twelve stones from the riverbed and to pile them up as a monument.  Then He said these twelve rocks tell a story and you have to tell that story.

My dad’s rock tells a story of relationship.  The twelve stones that came from the Jordan tell a story and serve as a reminder.  What reminds you of your need or reliance of God?  What reminds you that by your own power you’re nothing?  I think God really wants us to remember that in our brokenness, He has come through.  So set something up.  Stack rocks or something, it’s not for God; it’s for you.  Remember your liberation.


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