more than morality

I really do love the church.  I know that there have been people who have been beat-up and broken down at the hands of the church.  I know the critiques of the church from the past and the present.  I have my own critiques of the church, but I love it.  
I love the metaphors given to the church in the scriptures.  I love what it is ideally called to be and I love the messiness of what it is now.  Whenever you put a community together that needs grace and redemption you will always have some drama on your hands.

I love that the church is specifically designed to be redemptive.  There are not too many organizations or businesses that have a redemptive purpose.  I believe that the church is essentially perfect in its scriptural structure; it is the people that make it imperfect and the people who cause so much pain and division.  (People like me by the way)

I understand those who have been, “hurt by the church.”  In reality they were hurt by other people who call themselves the church.  When I was young my family went to a church where the lead pastor had an affair.  People left devastated.  My family left because my parents decided that they could teach us better family values doing things together on the weekends.  They were right.  I learned a lot about family values by camping and getting close with my family.  As I grew up I saw no practical need for the church.  My parents were amazing moral compasses, and that is all I needed.

I have always seen the point of society; you don’t have to go to church to be a moral person.  Anyone can achieve morality.  In fact there are many role-models in society who are super moral people.  But when it comes down to it, those people can not offer freedom and redemption.   I love the church because it offers more than morality.  It offers freedom from the slavery of morality.  Jesus offers redemption and the community of the church embodies that redemption.

The funny thing is that the reason why most people get hurt and leave the church is also why I love the church and I think you would love the church too.  I’d rather people not get hurt but honestly redemption is messy.  The reason why I love the church is because as the community of Jesus gathers to worship, I see a broken and messed up people admit their need for grace and liberation.


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