your life is probably meaningless…

I was listening to a pretty famous pastor speak today at Catalyst West Coast.  His talk was all about finding meaning in life and doing something meaningful each day.  He had this idea that he would wake up every day and do at least one thing that had meaning.  This made me question what I do.  I have meaning because I have a wife and daughter, and I probably get the most meaning in my life from them.  But I am talking more about individually.  Is there meaning in the decisions I make or the things I say?  What do I do all day?  I write, I talk…and that is just about all I do.

I began to think, what would it look like for me to have more meaning.  Another speaker at the conference told us that he asked the CEO of the International Justice Mission what motivates him.  He said, “If I don’t get up and do what I do every day, then a little girl will be taken into slavery.”  That guy has meaning.  I think I need something meaningful yet tangible to motivate me.  I’m not saying my job has no meaning; it is just more abstract than other jobs.  (And to be clear, I love my job)  My friend Richard builds stuff, and that’s pretty cool because you get to see a finished product and then you can take a step back and take pride in what you did…Thus, tangible meaning.  Me, I have thousands of word documents on my computer.

Your life is probably meaningless because you’ve never thought about what gives your life meaning.  You probably don’t keep track of things that are meaningful.

I think you should.

Imagine if you did that.  Imagine for a second if someone asked you what the meaning of life was.  Do you think if you knew the things that were meaningful in your life you could give a good answer?  I think if you knew where your life had meaning then you can show others what it is like to have a meaningful life.


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