mega joy

I experience joy by realizing the significance of a moment.  Last night my daughter and I were pretending to be dogs, we were both barking and sniffing each other.  It was awesome.  She tried to lick me (like a dog would) and I said, “yucky” to help herunderstand that licking people was uncivilized.  The poor kid got a rubber lip, her face scrunched up and she stared wailing.  She was so hurt that I said, “yucky.” A 14 month-old lacks the ability to separate the act from herself, she thought her dad caller her “yucky.”

I was sad and joyful at the same time.  I’d never intentionally hurt my daughter’s feelings, but on the other hand I saw how much everything I do matters to her.  I got a glimpse into how huge dad’s are to their daughters.    I found nothing but joy at realizing that my daughter loves me so much that the little things I do bring hurt to her.  Maybe that’s an odd reaction.

I read books and get intellectually stimulated, I go to Best Buy and there is this strange euphoria of playing with the newest gadget out there.  I get happy when something goes well, but there is something about realizing how much you are loved that brings out an inner joy.

The gospel of Luke uses a literary device called an inclusio.  It is like using bookends to support a mountain of books.  It holds everything together.  The book starts out with an angel telling Mary that he brings her, “good news of great joy.”  The gospel ends after the death and resurrection of Jesus with Luke describing the people’s emotions.  He said, “They worshiped him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy.”  In the original Greek this would be read as, “Mega Joy.”  Because when you read and internalize what happened in between these bookends, you realize how much you are loved and there is no other reaction other than joy.


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  • GREAT post, Dave! And LOVE the pic of your little girl! She’s beautiful! Dan said the other day something like, “My favorite part of parenthood so far is seeing how mutually fascinated we are with each other.” Amen to that! 🙂

    • dave

      That’s a great observation.. I love that too!