to communicate

A few days ago my wife and daughter were at the mall food court.  Emma was walking the

stroller around when she bumped another woman.  Apparently this woman jumped out ofher chair and started yelling at Desiree, saying things like, “I knew this was going to happen, control your kid.” This was clearly an overreaction.  The best part about all of this is that as the woman was getting upset, Emma was standing there blowing kisses at her.

The way that we communicate says a lot about what is going on in life.  The impulsive anger says a lot about the way that these ladies love.  The way that Emma communicates shows me how much love is in her life.

I think buried deep within our communication is the reality that we are currently living.  When we are upset, it comes out in our communication and is passed on to others.  When we are happy it comes out in how we communicate and is passed on to others.

Words can become flesh.  Words can be translated into action.

The reality is that words matter.  The things we say can make or break some people.  So, how do you communicate love?  How do you bring out the best in others.

May you communicate love today.


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