to empower

I think that empowerment has a lot to do with parenting.  It is giving someone the skills that they need to reach maturity, and it is the fifth aspect of love.  As parents we do this all the time.  We teach our kids new things, we allow them to fall, and we walk them through a rough patch.  It isn’t that we are bad parents but we want them to one day know how to care for themselves.

My parents would often make me eat my vegetables, even if I let them sit there for hours.  No matter how much I whined, the rule was that I was supposed to eat my veggies.  If my mom and dad did not put the foot down and make this rule then I might be in the place in life where I think I could get whatever I want.  Instead I learned that my father would not always give me what I wanted.  This is huge to learn from your parents, because God doesn’t always give us what we want.

Who are you empowering in your life?  It could be your husband, wife children, family members or coworkers.  When you give someone the skills and ability to reach maturity you have just loved and empowered them.


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