to be in Communion

There used to be this amazing couple that went to my church, Birtha and John.  They were intent on making it to their 70th anniversary. They would always talk about how they promised each other that they would make it to their 70th. They were the couple that would hold hands as they walked, sit next to each other for hours and simply be content.  This couple was together for so long that they just belonged to each other.  This is what it means to be in communion, a deep understanding of giving and receiving. A relationship where there is a mutual benefit to one another.  With this kind of relationship, you can be a world away but never feel far apart.

This is a dangerous kind of love.  When you love someone so deeply that you experience communion with him or her you have opened yourself up to the potential for pain because all barriers are gone. With fear and selfishness in us, as well as the seemingly resilient human need to control another person, communion can be a constant struggle.  However, allowing yourself go deep into a a relationship that allows for communion can be one of the most liberating things in the world.

What barriers do you have to communion?  Is it scary to know that as you get closer to someone, your life becomes more exposed?  How will you live this out?



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