There is this crazy story in the Bible that I am not sure what to do with.  In the book of Second Kings Elisha is presented with water from Jericho that is bad.  No crops wouldgrow and animals wouldn’t drink it, it was just bad.  Since water is so essential to life this is kind of a big deal.  The prophet said, bring me some of this water and he dumped salt in it.  Suddenly all of the water in Israel was cleansed.  This is a strange story, but it is kind of cool.  Salt in the Old Testament was a sign of God’s covenant with Israel.  All sacrifices were sprinkled with salt and even the wood that the sacrifice was burned with was covered with salt.  Salt was a big deal.  It was meant to be a reminder of a covenant.   The promise of God and his people is that no matter how bad you screw up, he will always take you back.  Salt symbolized all of that.  That God’s grace and redemption is huge.

I never really knew what to do with this story until the words of Jesus jumped into my head, “You are the salt of the earth.”  Looking back on all of the uses of salt in the Old Testament this is really a powerful statement.  We can read it as; you are to be living sacrifices.  We can read it as; you are to bring God’s covenant to the world.  Or we can look at it as; you are to bring life to the world.  Either way we read it this is a huge reminder of who we are called to be.

I think the call of Jesus is to a way of living that displays the covenant between God and mankind.  He is always here, no matter what we do or how far gone we think we might be.  There is always a second chance.  What if we live that way?  What if God’s redemption was so prevailing in your life that it utterly changed the way you interacted with others?  What if you actually were the salt of the earth?


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