This last week I have been racking my brain about this thread of scripture about the perfection of Jesus.  Back in the days before Jesus, when the sacrificial system was in full swing the only chance to get the slate wiped clean was to offer a sacrifice to the Lord.  You couldn’t just offer anything, there were rules, and one of the rules was that the sheep or goat that you offered had to be unblemished.  You had to offer a perfect sacrifice to the lord because it is costly; it’s worth something and was not to be taken lightly.

Because of the crazy amount of unblemished livestock that was needed each year for sacrifices and festivals, a special group of shepherds were assembled who were specially trained to look for the perfect sheep.  Shepherds typically were not well educated; they also had a poor reputation as highway robbers and thieves because they were always on the move.  But these shepherds were different, they knew what it took to find the perfect sheep, they knew how to keep it safe and free from blemish so that when it died it would actually redeem a people of their sins.

There is this oral debate that has been going on for thousands of years and there is a record called the Mishnah, in this work the scholars believe that a verse in Micah 4:8 that prophesies that shepherds will oversee the birth of the messiah.  But not just any shepherds, the ones who are specially trained to find the one who will be perfect.  We know that historically these shepherds were stationed around Bethlehem.  There is a very good chance that the shepherds who were told that the Christ child had been born, were the very same shepherds who worked for the temple to try and find the unblemished sheep, so that the perfect sacrifice could take place so that the people could be redeemed.

This is an amazing little bit of information that isn’t preached on much.  But to me it really highlights how Jesus holds all things together.  In his forbearance he knew his plan for salvation but he had to take a few thousand years and lay a solid foundation so that people would recognize the messiah.

There are a thousand applications to all of this and more that we go through the story the more we find.  But I thought I would ask you, is there any significance to you that Jesus is and was perfect?


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  • Irene

    Thirty years of following Jesus and this is the first time I have heard this:D I love how every conceivable nuance is covered. I live in an imperfect world, am married to an imperfect man and have imperfect kids (even imperfect nephews), BUT I am fully vested in my perfect Savior and from that I derive my joy, my peace and my salvation.