the one thing

My wife and I cleaned out our spare room the other day.  We made it into Emma’s new room while her old room was transformed into Lucy’s new bedroom.  While I was moving everything out I had this thought about life, marriage and children.

When I was a kid, life was about me.  Christmas was about me, school was about my education and growing up was about me.  When I fell in love and got married life was about us.  It was a small transition.  After the first few times of doing laundry I noticed that I could never find some of my socks and my t-shirts.  It wasn’t a big deal, I used our spare room to put all of my clothes in so I could usually find what I needed.

I also started to notice that Des and I would trade cars a lot.  Her stuff became my stuff and mine hers.  Then Emma came along and we set a room aside for her.  When she was newly born she spit up over almost every shirt I owned.  I didn’t care as much because she is super cute.  Then Lucy started to come along, and I no longer have my own closet.  The kids are starting to invade the house and Lucy isn’t even here yet. Every now and then I will find toys where the pots and pans go.  I open the glove box and I find kid socks.  I take a shower and a hear, “DAAAAAAAAD!”  Emma has snuck away from mom and come to say hi while I am in the shower.

I know it sounds like I am complaining, but I wouldn’t change any of this for the whole world, I love my girls.  I have learned the secret to being happy in the midst of the female invasion.  It’s not about me any more and I’m totally at peace with that.  There is this idea that Jesus talks about.  It is called dying to yourself.  I’ve never had to die to my selfish desires as much as I have in the past couple of years, but since I did, I’ve never been happier.


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