staying connected

I think that sometimes it is difficult to have an understanding of God at work on a daily basis. I know for me that can be one of the toughest things. I get paid to reveal knowledge of the Holy to others. It’s more than knowledge; it’s leading others to lead themselves inconnecting with their creator. This is difficult sometimes because although this is my vocation and passion I still have days where I don’t feel connected to God. There are times when I read the Bible and am bored. There are times when I don’t feel connected to God at all. But one of the things that I was reading today reminded me of the way that God moves and works. In the book of John, Jesus is getting criticized for healing on the Sabbath. Jesus’ response was simply to say, “my father is always at his work, to this very day.” What Jesus did was to reframe the conversation, the authorities were upset that Jesus was working but they couldn’t stop God from working.  He reminded his accusers that God is always working, whether we acknowledge it or not.

This little exchange between Jesus and the Pharisees brings a realization that God is present and at work, even in the times where life is rough or it’s tough to hear God.

When you look at your spiritual journey, how do you stay connected? Knowledge increases my faith, so just knowing this account and internalizing it helps me. What about you? How do you keep understand that the Almighty God is present and always at work?


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