is she really sleeping through this?

My daughter is still sleeping.  I have no idea how, but she is.

My neighbors just got into a huge fight.  They are slamming doors and screaming obscenities.  I have to confess.  The entire time I was sitting on the couch looking out my window watching the whole thing.  This was so much better than TV.

I wonder if it is because of my secret love for reality TV that makes me want to see this real life drama.  Yesterday, I found myself thumbing through a tabloid magazine to see who Kourtney Kardashian’s new alleged boy friend is.  I already miss Scott.  How else am I going to keep up with the Kardashians in the off season?

Which brings me back to my neighbors.  If that were my family I’d say things like, “I just wish this were over.”  “Why does ___ have to be that way?” But since it is someone else’s family I just watch with wide eyed anticipation with what will happen next.

The way I opened my curtains and sat on my couch today made me think of the name of this blog.  I do want to see life turned around for people.  I do want to see new life.  So why then do I become a consumer of the content that perpetuates drama?  The kind of stuff that perpetuates brokenness rather than healing.

I guess I’m part of the problem.

I’m just glad that my daughter slept through all of the drama.  I wonder how long she can sleep through it all.


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