you are your experiences

Have you ever had a tough journey?  A road that you walked that just seemed too rough? I have had some moments which I consider tough.  There were some tears, I was angry.  There was just some stuff.

But I know some people who have had a far tougher life than me.

This song makes me think of when times are tough.

When projects pile up and you feel like you haven’t been really present for anyone, even though you’re there.

When rejection stares you in the face.

When there is a blatant breech of trust.

When you don’t feel like it is even worth it to try again.

There is an old saying, “You are your experiences.”  I don’t know who said this, but I do feel like there is a ton of truth in it.

I don’t know if it is any comfort to anyone to know that your experiences shape and form who you are.  Maybe if it is only just a perspective shift.  Maybe realizing that you are your experiences makes those times a little more meaningful.

Maybe even the mundane times shape and form you.  The times of temptation bring understanding.  The times where you refrain bring will power and discipline.

When I first saw this video and heard this song the first thing I though of is people who need to trust and love again.

Because how much does life suck if you can’t trust anyone?  How horrible would your life be in the absence of love?

You are your experiences.  But don’t be bitter.

You are your experiences.  But don’t be defined by what you were.

Slow down.

May you remember the experiences that made you, you.

May you be set free from the pain.

May you live free.

May you find healing in and from your experiences.


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