the wave

The first sunday of every month is communion at my church.  Since I am a pastor there I will often lead in prayer over the elements.  We have a group of people who come that we call the oakbank gang.  These folks are precious people who are mentally handicapt.

While I was talking about the blood of Christ one of the people from the oakbank gang took his hat off and started waving it in the air.  It was weird because he was staring right at me.  Then another person from the same crew saw her friend waving her hat.  She decided to join in the action and she started the wave.

No one joined in.  But how cool would that have been if people started to do the wave in church?

What if someone smuggled in a beach ball and blew it up and started hitting it around mid sermon?

What’s wrong with a little fun in church?  There is something about that child like spirit that makes church a little more fun.

One time in 2004 there were some big fires in the San Gabriel Mountains.  There was a pastor visiting who used to pastor our church.  Durring the prayer time he stood up and said we just need to be praying like children.  These fires are out of control, let’s pray for rain.

Les Blank stood there and prayed for rain.  Two days later there was such a heavy marine layer that it began to mist and these fires started to go out.  

I love the way that kids pray.

They are honest.

I wonder how many times we have convoluted prayer with big words and fancy request, when what you really need is one sentence or one word long.





A second chance.

A new story.

Thanks oakbank gang for doing the wave in church.


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