I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  And it has been, not because of a lack of things to say, but because this last week my life was totally consumed building a park.

I helped build our new playground at the church this week and I couldn’t believe how hard construction guys work.  It’s been almost 5 days and my fingers still hurt.  There is a reason why I read and write for a living. I can’t hang with manual laborers.

Here is the cool thing that I noticed about this playground build.  First, we had to remove our skatepark in order to build this playground, a move that was clearly unpopular with our skaters.  I understand.  It was a tough call to make and the skatepark has been an institution on our campus for almost 10 years.  But the second thing was so cool.  One of our students who had been there from the beginning with the skatepark came to help build the park.

I should also probably mention that this student was probably the most upset that the park was closing.  But he came, he helped, he saw the bigger vision of what God was doing on this property and he accepted it.  He supported it.  This I have to confess, this is impressive.  I wish more people could have the mindset of this particular student.

Wouldn’t it be great if people were open to change like this?  What would happen?  Tradition has a huge part to play in church, marriage, politics and life in general.  What makes things stand out is when people say, “I am going against the grain.”  I’m going to do something new.

Change brings a fresh sense of momentum.  Of course there is bad change, but a change that is really good is refreshing and gives life.

Change doesn’t have to be scary.  I admire that some people make a decision for change and they stick with it, they make it public then they go for it.  They forge a new path, a path that will eventually itself need to be changed.

I find myself falling in to the things that I have always done.  In reality I need to change.  I need to evolve and throw out the playbook every now and then.

This makes me want to ask the question of what will I change about my day, week, month to add some more meaning to my life? How about you?


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