sweet one hundred

Get out your party hats, we have hit a milestone. This is blog post number 100 and I am really excited with how this blog has been progressing. It has led to so many fun interactions and conversations with readers. Thank you all for reading and swinging by!

Have you ever noticed that people have their online persona and their real life?  You can pretty well control your image online; people who don’t know you might think your great based on your profile picture.  Shaping what someone thinks of you is really easy to do. I’ve decided that I want to be careful about painting an idealistic picture of myself online because it would simply be false.  So in the spirit of full disclosure and not wanting to mislead anyone based on my online persona, I present to you the behind the scenes video of the birth of Lucy…In all of its disfunction

In light of this post being my 100th post, I wanted to take a second and thank these three guys who have helped me get this blog off the ground and running smoothly.  They have really been awesome.

Richard Adams: Back end web support and design +Lucy Videos

Bryan Schdmit: Many Photos

Bill Selak: Initial Word Press setup



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