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A few weeks ago a good friend passed away.  Nancy Gauntlett made life beautiful.  Her profession was an interior decorator, but her life’s work was creating beauty.  Every event Nancy had her hand on was a work of art, the interiors for the homes she designed were gorgeous and she generally just made things look good.  As I was sitting through her memorial service I was struck with the thought that she was an active participant in the mission of God.  I don’t know that people always see or appreciate beauty as a spiritual way of life.  What Nancy did was to take a run down home and renovate it.  She would take broken things and fix them.  In the process the main thrust of her life seemed to be inviting others into relationship with their creator.

When God said, “Behold, I am making all things new,” I think Nancy got that in a deep way. She exemplified this verse by taking the broken and run down and breathing new life into it.  It was more than a job; it was the most natural thing for her to do.  I look back at her life in awe of the way that God wired her.  I wish I could see potential in things the way Nancy could, the way that God does.  Whether she was aware of it or not, the way Nancy looked at an old sofa that deserved to be thrown in the trash is the same way that God looks at us.  I would just throw the sofa away, but Nancy would have re-imagined it and given new life to the once broken sofa.

The way she lived illustrated God’s grace, I’m not kidding I broke her jet ski one time and she and her husband Todd just laughed about it.  I still owe them a throttle. The kid who should have paid for the Jet Ski part, the sofa that should have seen the trash, have an element of new life because of Nancy.

Will you epitomize the gospel with your life?   Will people say, she/he lived and breathed redemption? When all is said and done will others have felt the warmth of God’s grace because of the grace that you have extended to them?


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  • Linda Larew

    Thank you, Dave.

  • M. Borer

    What a great tribute; I’m sorry I didn’t get to know Nancy now.

    May we all have merit to live such lives that people see God in us, and may Nancy’s memory be a blessing for all time.