When Emma was six months old she had this toy that we call, “Dr. Star.”  It was a music box that projected an image of a star on the ceiling.  You can’t just go to Target and ask for “Dr. Star” because it is a name we just made up.  I have an odd habit of giving her toys back-stories. But that toy put her right to sleep; she stared at it and went out.

Lucy is now six months and a little more difficult to please.  She doesn’t buy into the Dr. Star fanfare.  Lucy sleeps fine for all of her naps, but to go to sleep at nighttime she wants to be held.  She wants to feel the love.  I know it’s okay to lay her down for the night when she stops rubbing my arm and face.  When I hold Lucy before she goes down I get the sense that all she wants in the world is to feel her father or mother. She simply wants to know that she is loved.  Sometimes when she is crying all I have to do is rub her back and she is better.

This all got me to think that there are times in our lives when life is difficult or we feel pain.  During those times we just want to reach out and be comforted.  Just like the women who had been bleeding for twelve years who took a risk and reached for Jesus.  Just like Peter as he began to fall through the water and reached out for Jesus.  We all have that innate grasp that reaches toward the heavens in times of trouble.  But I guess the question is who or what are you reaching out to?  When times get tough, what is your first instinct to reach toward?


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