dream facilitators

A few weeks ago I was pushing Emma on a swing in the park and I was casually eavesdropping on a few junior high girls on the swings next to us.  This is how their conversation went. 

Girl 1: “Oh my gosh you are such an amazing singer”

Girl 2: “Really? I was thinking I might try to get on American Idol.”

Girl 1: “You should totally do that and if that doesn’t work out you could always get on The Voice.”

Girl 2: “You could totally do that”

My first thought, I’d love to meet these girls’ parents.  Admittedly, I was listening to this conversation in awe of the innocence of childhood, in remembrance of some dreams that I have left behind. However, I love that these girls have the freedom to dream. What they were saying is so ridiculous to a world of adults with nine to five jobs raising kids who are barley getting by.  They are clearly shooting high.

I hope my girls have conversations like this.  I hope they plot their lives out, and then realize that’s not really what they want at all.  I hope they dream huge and aspire to big things.  Even when they get a job that might not be their thing, I hope they never let go of their passion, imagination and ambition.

I want to be the kind of parent who encourages ridiculous dreams.  I want to be the kind of parent who invests in passions that only last a week. I want to be the kind of dad that teaches his kids to trust their imagination and to really know what they want so that they will one-day chase it down.  I want to be the kind of dad that teaches his girls that persistence and optimism is key to fulfilling your dreams no matter how crazy they might be.

Ever since I’ve had kids my new dream has been for them to be great.  I feel like I finally have a glimpse of how God loves his children.  I’ve always understood forgiveness but what I don’t think I ever understood before is the deep desire for good things for others.  I just want my kids to leave a mark and change this world.  I guess that makes Desiree and I, dream facilitators.


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