Way back in the day there was this idealistic and even utopian thought that was mentioned in the Bible.  The thought was given a name and it was supposed to be a celebrationJubilee Birthday Cake every seven years.  But no one celebrated.

It was one of those things that was a novel idea but didn’t seem practical to the ruling elite.  It was called the Jubilee.  During Jubilee all of Israel was supposed to cancel the debt of their fellow Israelites, this was theoretically to happen every seven years.  The idea was to level the playing field and not allow poverty to become systemic.

I think God wanted His people to know what it was like to set others free.  If you think about it canceling debt is one of the most basic forms of forgiveness.  A debt forgiven life would bring an amazing level of freedom.  You would know the slavery of being in debt and the freedom of the forgiveness of it.  I think God wanted to create a society of people who both experienced and practiced the cancellation of debt in order to show off His forgiveness.

I wonder if this was a divine pre-enactment or a rehearsal for what was to come.  This same society that would practice giving and receiving debt cancellation, would ultimately experience the freedom and redemption of Jesus, the real Jubilee. Jubilee is an economic plan that communicates redemption, forgiveness and freedom.  Although the Jubilee was never put into practice Jesus brought it to fulfillment in the ultimate cancellation of debts.



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