the wrong goal

Building community seems to always be a goal of the church.  However that is not the right goal of the church, it is a byproduct.  I confess that the community-building goal has been my goal for the church for the past couple of years. I am man enough to admit that I was wrong.  Building community is great but as I said before it should be the natural overflow of a healthy relationship with Christ.

I have been highly influenced by a sermon given by Dr. JoAnne Lyon at an ordination service over a year ago.  The message was on a passage of John 6.  The passage is where Jesus is talking to his followers and he said that when he is lifted up then all men would be drawn near to him.  My goal to build community overshadowed the goal to lift Jesus up so that all people would be drawn near.  Wow…what happened there?

So here is my plea to other church leadership.  I have never built a movement of thousands.  From scratch I’ve built a service of around 50, and I wouldn’t stress the word “I” there because of an amazing team.  But my plea is to not build community as your number one goal.  You should be able to look at your ministry strategy and say, an indication that church is going well is that we have naturally built some Christ centered community.  I would suggest that your number one goal is to lift Christ up.

Take a minute and evaluate your ministry goal, life goals, family goals, etc.  What do they include?  Are you operating under the wrong goal?


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