I think God is in the business of reclaiming beauty.  I think that is His job, not only that but it is what He calls us into.  We are called to restore communities and transform lives in the name of Jesus.  This is messy, as many commentators have suggested, but it is necessary.  Scripture declares that all of creation is groaning in eager expectation of its redemption.  I believe God is in a process of redeeming all of creation, literally bringing back the beauty of Eden into a broken decaying world.  He chooses to use us to put His power on display.  So to “reclaim the beauty” is to take part in God’s mission.  Will you be a part of it?

I would love for this page to be a place where you can leave your story on how beauty has been reclaimed in your personal life.  You are invited to leave a comment and to tell a story.  Maybe it is something spectacular or maybe it is something small, but your story is worth sharing.  I’ll post your story on the blog.


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